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Letters to the Editor
Last month, Calum Coburn suggested in this space that readers might benefit by having a ranking system capability to record their evaluations of articles appearing in the magazine and thereby saving time for others. So far, his suggestion has drawn little response except for the following letter:

Solicited response to Mr. Coburn's comments

First, two unrelated comments-

1. Whenever you are soliciting a response on the website, I would provide an immediate link so that the reader does not have to search for how to respond. It can be as simple as hyperlinking the words "let me know" with a link to your address.

2. I very much appreciate the uncluttered look of the website. As you grow, it will be harder and harder to maintain that but all efforts should be made to do so.

On to Mr. Coburn's suggestions.

1. I always like feedback from third parties on books and such. Whether they should or not, they often influence my decision to purchase from Amazon.

2. To induce participation in the program however, the reader is going to need some incentive to invest more of their time in the exercise. As Mr. Coburn stated, time is a commodity that I'm sure most of my fellow readers hold dear. In my case, it is the opportunity cost of playing with my kids ;-)

Forrest Hare, South Korea

Editorís Note: Mr. Hareís suggestion for a link for reader response on the Letters to the Editor page was implemented immediately. Assuring that the magazine remains as uncluttered as possible as it grows is a top priority.

Our next letter is a compliment that every editor would welcome.

This site is so good I would pay for it! Take a donation?

Greg Michael, U.S.

Editorís Note: Although we do not take cash donations, readers who wish to assist the magazine can take a moment to mention The Negotiator Magazine to a friend or to their associations as a valuable resource publication and help the magazine grow and enhance its quality.

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