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John Baker
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Whatís new in November...

The Negotiator Magazine includes its first advertising earlier than planned in order to provide a revenue stream for its expansion and growth in the future. We are delighted to launch this essential part of the magazineís development by publishing advertising for best-selling author and negotiator Herb Cohenís newest book.

Please be assured that The Negotiator Magazine will continue and expand its coverage of the negotiations field. Advertising will be tasteful in both its message and its presentation. Hopefully, it will add another valuable insight into what is new and current in the field. There will be no pop-up ads, blinking winner signs or graphic animations of lords-a-leaping across the pages.

The magazine is continuing to prepare to expand its coverage of the field in the near future. We continue to seek articles on every aspect of negotiations. Please see our Writerís Guidelines. Of special interest at this time are articles on crisis negotiations, negotiating ethics, non-profit negotiating, labor negotiations, and new directions and research in the field. Articles from authors with perspectives outside the USA would be most welcome. Please contact me with your suggestions for additional improvements, questions for Ask the Negotiator, Letters to the Editor and article proposals at

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher

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