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Letters to the Editor
Hi John,

If you would like a tip that could make the site better still, then read on, relating to your "Subject Index" page:

Book reviews appear in the "Skills Development" section. How about reducing this already large area by creating a new heading for "Book Reviews"?

I notice a lack of rapport/trust skills building. So interpersonal exercises that help gain immediate rapport. This area is a specialty, so if you're interested John, please let me know.

Warm regards from a steamy hot London

Our second letter is also from Mr. Coburn and suggests an additional change to the magazine. Please read his suggestion with care and let me know if you would favor and use a reader rating system.

Hi again John allows readers to rate reviews. So you can see that for example 43 out of 50 people who have read a specific review found it useful.
They also allow readers to rank the article - on a scale of 1 to 5, represented by stars.
So, how about offering readers of The Negotiator Magazine the opportunity to make a small contribution to the community you are building.
I've just read a good article by Roger Dawson, followed by an article I wish I hadn't put the time into. As someone who rates other's opinions highly in making decisions on how to spend that most precious of all commodities - my time - it would have come in really handy.

Thanks and keep up the excellent standards

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