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Letters to the Editor
Our first letter is from a reader relating her experience in negotiating a new position after receiving advice from three guest experts in negotiations that appeared in The Ask the Negotiator column of April 2003.

"I started a wonderful, I am sorry, I meant WONDERFUL position this week. It meets all of my career goals and financially it was also appropriate. I can not remember what I did and did not convey to you. I interviewed with them for a position, turned it down because of rigidity of negotiation, and continued my search. They later sought me out because a position that was more in line with my abilities and salary desires was opening in the near future. I was so happy that the negotiations had gone so professionally on the first try that they were willing to seek me out for a different role, and that the new offer was very in line with me. I was pleased that they harbored no hard feelings and saw that the other position was really not the fit. Also, I was pleased that I was able to clearly state what I was worth, without the guilt and pangs that I feared that I would. In a nutshell, I am happy. Thank you for all of your help."

Jennifer , U. S.

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