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John Baker
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What’s new in September...

The transition of the magazine to its new format was accomplished in August with a minimum of technical issues. My apologies to any readers who encountered a problem during the changeover process.

The new format has brought positive reactions from some readers and valuable suggestions for further improvement from other readers. This month’s edition adds a Book Review section to the Subject Index to enable readers to locate reviews alphabetically by author as well as by category. Thanks to this reader for this suggestion and several others that are under consideration.

Other readers have asked for a Letters to the Editor section. The page opens this month with a letter from a reader who lives in the U.S. Your letters are welcome at any time. Please send them to

The magazine is continuing to prepare to expand its coverage of the field in the near future. We continue to seek articles on every aspect of negotiations. Please see our Writer’s Guidelines. Of special interest at this time are articles on crisis negotiations, negotiating ethics, non-profit negotiating, labor negotiations, and new directions and research in the field. Articles from authors with perspectives outside the USA would be most welcome. Please contact me with your suggestions for additional improvements, questions for Ask the Negotiator, Letters to the Editor and article proposals at

Please be aware that I will be out of the United States for much of September so my reply to your communications may be less rapid I would prefer.

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher

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