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Letters to the Editor
International readers and articles ... welcome always

I always spend great time reading articles from The Negotiator Magazine. Here in Romania your magazine is one of the few information sources in negotiation.

Following your new year request -- that you want opinions about negotiation from outside US -- please find in attachment a proposal for an article.

Best regards,

Radu Ionescu, Bucharest, Romania

There is nothing dearer to an editorís heart than to hear that the publication is valuable and that a reader has decided to join as a contributor to the magazine. We welcome contributions from all readers throughout the world and are honored to have them add their perspectives as they enrich all of us.

Arizona Hostage Negotiations

Since you are located in Arizona do you plan to cover the recent prison hostage crisis? Iíll bet many of your readers would be interested.

D. Wilson, Seattle, Washington

Absolutely! Please see this monthís From the Publisherís Desk for more details. Thank you for your note. This suggestion and others on current negotiation events are most welcome.

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