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John Baker
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Whatís new in March...

The Negotiator Magazine is honored...

The Negotiator Magazine is pleased to be selected as Media Associate by the International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers (IACCM) for its Americaís Conference to be held April 4-6, 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information about this conference please turn to this monthís Professional Calendar or contact the Association at

Arizona hostage crisis interview planned...

The Arizona Department of Corrections experienced the longest prison hostage crisis in United States history beginning on January 18, 2004 and lasting for fifteen days. Two prisoners made their way into the guard tower and took both a male and a female correction officer hostages. A team of hostage negotiators working with prison authorities successfully negotiated the release of the male officer on the eighth day. On the fifteenth day, the female officer was released and the prisoners surrendered. The Negotiator Magazine has been in contact with one of the members of the hostage negotiation team and hopes to interview her in March. Readers are invited to send their questions for inclusion in the interview.

International publication success...

Congratulations to Steven P. Cohen, a frequent contributor to this magazine, on the publication of his book entitled Negotiating Skills for Managers (McGraw Hill, 2002) in Russia. Steveís book has been translated into Chinese for Taiwan and Peopleís Republic of China editions. His book was published last year in Spanish and also is published in India. A review of Mr. Cohenís book appeared in the November, 2002 edition of The Negotiator Magazine. .

Changes to articles archive access to be implemented...

Throughout this coming month, readers will find changes being implemented to improve access and search capabilities of the many topics covered by the online article archive. Reader comments and suggestions are invited throughout this process.

Outstanding Negotiation Achievements section...

A new section will be added to the magazine shortly to list nominees for Outstanding Negotiation Achievements. Readers are invited to send their nominations for this recognition at any time. Negotiation achievements may be ancient or contemporary and based anywhere in the world. Please describe the achievement and explain why you believe it to be outstanding in your letter. Please limit your nomination to less than 500 words.

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher

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