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Letters to the Editor
Our first letter sounds like a great idea to me.

I have been thinking about something that might interest your readers and thought I would suggest to you. Since people have been negotiating for centuries I wonder what your readers think are the outstanding deals and who the top deal-makers in history have been in their opinion. I thought it would be interesting and add something to the magazine.

Charles Cameron, Canada

If you have a favorite deal you believe demonstrates outstanding negotiating performance, please send a letter telling us when the negotiation occurred, a brief description of the deal and why you consider it one of the most extraordinary negotiated outcomes in history. We will be pleased to publish your recommendation. Perhaps, we can start a negotiatorís hall of fame.

Our next letter is a request for reader assistance.

I would appreciate suggestions from you and other readers on what would be the most important books to include in a small professional resource library for crisis negotiations. We are just at the start of this project so suggestions would be very much appreciated. Our funds our limited naturally so we have to choose very carefully.

Thank you for your help.

A. Lewis, USA

Please send your suggestions and we will be pleased to publish them in this column for the benefit of all readers.

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