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Does Geography Matter?

There are substantial variations between the major geographies (and to some extent within them). These are in part due to differences in legal system, but also arise from cultural norms, local business practices and regulation, and the nature of the transactions that are occurring.

For any organization doing business internationally, and especially for those doing business through Global Master Agreements, these differences are important to understand. The imposition of legal and cultural norms that are alien to the receiving party require explanation and sensitivity. Similarly, a failure to grasp the significance of the issues that are locally important may result in a variety of exposures.

There are few obvious patterns in this data and it is best reviewed in conjunction with the subsequent charts that show variations by major legal jurisdiction. In practical terms, the findings are probably of greatest use when planning for negotiations or in developing new standard contracts. They offer insights that may help in anticipating or understanding the issues of the counter-party - or indeed the reactions of internal colleagues located in other countries.

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2012 Top Terms in Negotiation, By Tim Cummins


Page 11

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