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Hydraulic Fracturing: A Controversy and A Case for Evolved Negotiations,
A three-part series

By Lisa Bracken

Additional Resources

Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs,EPA 816-R-04-003, Environmental Protection Agency (2004)

** EnCana Divide Creek Data 11_5_04 (Excel Doc)
Tabs: Divide Creek Isotech Chart and Monitoring Well Isotech Chart
** Fax PL 42104
Located at: - Library - Piceance Basin Reports and Date - water Quality Studies
File Name: West Divide Creek Seep Updates (193 Zipped Files) 21.33 mb
Sub File Name: WestDivideCreekSeep

Proceedings of the Technical Workshops for the Hydraulic Fracturing Study: Well Construction and Operation
EPA 600/R-11/046 May 2011
Environmental Protection Agency (2011)

Phase I Hydrogeologic Characterization of Mamm Creek Phase II Hydrogeologic Characterization for Mamm creek Phase III Hydrogeolgoic Characterization (under analysis, pending release as of July 2012)
* Mamm Creek Phase I and II Conclusions - Dr. Thyne
[Of note: Dr. Thyne's conclusions were commissioned apart from the final Phase I and Ii study given the absence of findings on the part of the contracted investigative firm]
Prepared for the County of Garfield, Colorado

* Analysis of the West Divide Creek Seep
Prepared for Garfield County by Science Based Solutions. Author: Geoffrey Thyne PhD. P.G.
Prepared for the County of Garfield, Colorado

Video Interview
Dr. Geoffrey Thyne explains how doing his job cost him his job by Checks and Balances

* COGCC Cementing and Bradenhead Monitoring Practices 09/19/11
* East Mamm Creek Project Drilling and Cementing Study 06/20/11
* Divide Creek Area Joint Study Summary Report 06/20/11
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission / Library / Piceance Basin Reports / Water Quality Studies
[of note: this partial investigative effort on the part of the COGCC included a soil gas survey (*Project 10118.1 Bracken Property Gas Seep Survey - EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc. 11-11-10) which indicated the presence of production gas escaping into West Divide Creek in 2010. That survey was not included in the library as of the time of this article]

Methane and the Greenhouse-Gas Footprint of Natural Gas from Shale Formations Authors: Robert W. Howarth1*, Renee Santoro1, and Anthony Ingraffea2

Research and Policy Recommendations for Hydraulic fracturing and Shale-gas Extraction Authors: Robert B. Jackson, Brooks Rainey Pearson, Stephen G. Osborn, Nathaniel R. Warner, Avner Vengosh
Duke University (2011)

Use of diverse geochemical data sets to determine sources and sinks of nitrate and methane in groundwater, Garfield County, Colorado, 2009;
2011; SIR; 2010-5215; McMahon, P. B.; Thomas, J.
C.; Hunt, A. G. USGS
United States Geological Survey

Video Lecture
The Facts on Fracking (March 23, 2011)
By Dr. Anthony Ingraffea (Cornell University)

Models for Fracking Fluid Migration Update
By Gerrit van Tonder and Fanie de Lange at the Institute for Groundwater Studies

Examination of Possibly Induced Seismicity from Hydraulic Fracturing in the Eola Field, Garvin County, Oklahoma
Open file report OF1-2011
Author: Austin Holland
Oklahoma Geological Survey

Management and Effects of Coalbed Methane Produced Water in the United States
The National Academies Press

Hydraulic Fracturing in Marcellus Shale Water Usage, Contamination and Disposal: Marcellus Shale Task Force Forum Penn State Fayette Campus Uniontown, PA
A 09/29/10 presentation by Conrad (Dan) Volz DrPH, MPH, University of Pittsburgh

Written Testimony of Conrad Daniel Volz, Graduate Faculty; Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh Director and Principal Investigator, Center for Healthy Environments and Communities (CHEC); Director, Environmental Health Risk Assessment Certification Program; Assistance Professor of Law (Secondary Appointment). Before the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Worksand its Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife, Joint Hearing Natural Gas Drilling, Public Health and Environmental Impacts, April 12, 2011

Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective
Published in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal Author: Theo Colborn, PHD

Town of Dish, Texas Ambient Air Monitoring Analysis - Final Report By Wolf Eagle Environmental Sep 15, 2009 Alisa Rich MPH, PhDc

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) / Battlement Mesa, Colorado
Prepared for Garfield County / Project lead, Lisa McKenzie, PhD, MPH / Roxanna Witter, MD, MS, MSPH
Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH)
(Decommissioned by Garfield County / in draft form)

New Solutions, Vol. 22(1) 5 1-77, 2012
Scientific Solutions
Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health
Authors: Michelle Bamberger and Robert E. Oswald

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