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From the Publisher's Desk, May 2015

By John Baker

Publication Schedule…

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Some comments on the May 2015 issue …

This issue examines three aspects of negotiation interaction and offers practical how-to guidance on dealing with each of them. We begin with a brief overview of three types of mediators - facilitative, evaluative, and transformative - that are available to assist in negotiating organizational deals and resolving disputes, examine the outside forces impacting the seven party negotiations on limiting Iran's nuclear program as an illustration of the need for strong management of complex negotiations, and conclude with look at the successes and failures of George Mitchell, a self-described untrained negotiator, who has led negotiations throughout the world. As always, our goal is to make these articles thought-provoking as well as informative. I am confident these articles achieve the goal.

"Impact of Mediator Styles on Bargaining Interactions"  looks at the differences in approach of three styles of mediation - facilitative, evaluative, and transformative - to help organizational leaders select the best type of mediator to assist them in negotiating agreements or resolving disputes. The style of a negotiator is central to the type of assistance you can expect them to deliver, of course. Every organizational leader needs to understand the differences in mediation approaches for their needs. Do you? This is your guide to the answers.

"Managing Complex Negotiation Interactions"  uses the recent activities of groups such as Israel, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to influence or gain a key role in the process. In the midst of these moves has been the White House maintaining its preeminence in foreign affairs. Through it all, the negotiators representing the seven nations have continued their work. Clearly, management of the process has had its hands full. There is, indeed, a clear lesson in this interaction for the leaders of all types of complex negotiations.

"Review of: The Negotiator: A Memoir"  examines the life of George Mitchell, a self-taught negotiator, who has led negotiating efforts at all levels of government and business throughout the world, including the Northern Ireland peace process and Middle East relations. Mitchell demonstrates to his readers the keys he has learned about the art of negotiations through dozens of illustrations selected from his life as a leader. How does one succeed in negotiation? One way is to learn from the experiences of those who have mastered the art. George Mitchell is an excellent choice for such a mentor.

Expanding Our Horizons…

A call for topic suggestions and articles

The Negotiator Magazine goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiation. Throughout the more than twelve years that the magazine has served its readers, one of its most valuable resources has been our readers who have suggested and often written many of the approximately 400 articles contributed by the nearly one hundred writers that enrich the publication.

If you would like to suggest a a topic for a future negotiation article you would like the magazine to cover, contribute an article, or comment on an article in the magazine please contact me at I and the readers are delighted by your response to date. Please keep enriching the magazine.

Thank you,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
May 2015

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