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From the Publisher's Desk, May 2014

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk…

Publication Schedule…

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Some comments on the May 2014 issue …

This issue examines four aspects of negotiation interaction and offers practical how-to guidance on dealing with each of them. We begin with new research findings and conclusions on the impact of leaving electronic devices turned on during face-to-face negotiations, examine the portrayal of over a dozen negotiating strategies and techniques on a hit U.S. television "reality show" and illustrate their potential value as lessons in the training all negotiators, explore power in negotiation: who has it, what types exist, and how you can manage and counter the use of power, and conclude with a a look at an important new perspective on the critical need for improvisation to be an effective negotiator. As always, our goal is to make these articles thought-provoking as well as informative. I am confident these articles achieve the goal.

"Turn Your Electronic Devices Off When You Negotiate in Person" presents new research findings that demonstrate electronic devices left on during face-to-face negotiations create serious detrimental effects damaging the potential success of the entire negotiating process. You may wish to eliminate such concerns as an essential and relatively easy priority in your own negotiations immediately.

"Negotiating Lessons From a Pawn Star", a current hit television "reality show" in the United States, highlights more than a dozen tips about negotiating strategy and techniques illustrated by the actions of the participants on the show. Whether you watch this show or not, the world around each of us is filled with examples of negotiation in action. Are you using this life laboratory to hone your own skills? If not, you might try to observe the "play" unfolding around you and tap it as a valuable learning resource in negotiation. After all, we often say: "Everyone negotiates...every day."

"Who Has the Power in a Negotiation?" explores not only who has power, but the many types of power that may be exerted in a negotiating interaction. Additionally, and helpfully, the article examines what you can do to counter the various effects of power when you encounter them. Lastly, and most importantly, this article challenges you to reevaluate your own strategic thinking about the possession and balance of power itself in every negotiation you participate in.

"The Art of Negotiation" examines an important new perspective on negotiation by Harvard Professor Michael Wheeler that should be of interest to all negotiators. Mr. Wheeler argues convincingly that traditional negotiation texts are incorrect in their emphasis on preparing and operating negotiation in a static world. Instead, Wheeler argues, the interaction in negotiation operates in a chaotic world and that effective negotiating requires that negotiators must learn the principles and techniques of improvisation to effectively move toward an evolving outcome. It is an important work you need to read and understand as a professional in the field.

Expanding Our Horizons…

A call for topic suggestions and articles

The Negotiator Magazine goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiation. Throughout the more than eleven years that the magazine has served its readers, one of its most valuable resources has been our readers who have suggested and often written many of the approximately 400 articles contributed by the nearly one hundred writers that enrich the publication.

If you would like to suggest a a topic for a future negotiation article you would like the magazine to cover, contribute an article, or comment on an article in the magazine please contact me at I and the readers are delighted by your response to date. Please keep enriching the magazine.

Thank you,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
May 2014

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