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From the Publisher's Desk, April 2014

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk…

Publication Schedule…

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Some comments on the April 2014 issue …

This issue examines five aspects of negotiation interaction and offers practical how-to guidance on dealing with each of them. We begin with new research findings and conclusions on how important an initial phase of small talk is to setting the climate for successful negotiation, examine the key negotiator qualities that produce Win-Win results, explore the essential preparation required to effectively employ multiple person negotiation teams, look at the importance of silence as a negotiating tool and conclude with a discussion of making a deal. As always, our goal is to make these articles thought-provoking as well as informative. I am confident these articles achieve the goal.

"The Power of Small Talk" explores new research findings that demonstrate climate setting in negotiation through small talk is a powerful force towards shared value agreements, trust-building and negotiation outcomes that are successful. Additionally, this research demonstrates that such climate setting phases are successful both in person to person negotiations and in electronic negotiations. You may well be astonished by the truth of that old advertising line that asserts "what a difference a minute makes." It really does in negotiation.

"Professional Negotiating Skills: Transforming Life's Challenges into Win-Win Results" explores the qualities that are required for Win-win negotiating success. Importantly, it also highlights the Pareto Principle that guides the careful deployment of resources for success.

"Multiple Person Negotiating Teams Must Present a United Front" reminds negotiators of the essential need to carefully prepare all team members to act in concert and warns that a failure to do so has possibly very serious penalties. The focus here is on solid preparation, common agreement and unified presentation. Is this a strategy that you employ? Is your team preparation up to the marks sighted in this article? If not, what are your next steps to change this condition.

"To Talk or Not to Talk" looks at the role that verbal communication should play in negotiation and concludes that many of the subject areas presented by negotiators are either irrelevant or down-right damaging to achieving a deal. Silence may well be the most neglected and most effective device for success. What is the proper role of silence in your negotiating style? Are you using it?

"Never Make the First Offer" examines the art of making a deal by Donald Dell who represented 300 athletes in negotiations for 40 years. If you are seeking information on how to make deals or considering becoming a sports agent, this is a manual of how-to's by a true master and an invaluable source of help.


After almost 25 years of research and writing to Carlo Ferroni and his fellow contributors John D. Baker, and Luciano J. Iorizzo on the publication of Italian POWS Speak Out at Last: Italian Prisoners of War Break Their Silence (Amherst, N.Y.: Teneo Press, 2013).

Expanding Our Horizons…

A call for topic suggestions and articles

The Negotiator Magazine goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiation. Throughout the more than eleven years that the magazine has served its readers, one of its most valuable resources has been our readers who have suggested and often written many of the approximately 400 articles contributed by the nearly one hundred writers that enrich the publication.

If you would like to suggest a a topic for a future negotiation article you would like the magazine to cover, contribute an article, or comment on an article in the magazine please contact me at I and the readers are delighted by your response to date. Please keep enriching the magazine.

Thank you,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
April 2014

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