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From the Publisher's Desk, March 2013

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

Publication Schedule …

Our next issue will be April 2013. Please let us know immediately if you are not receiving the announcement of each issue by e-mail which is sent before each issue. Additionally, please let us know if you need assistance with your subscription at any time.

Some comments on the March 2013 issue …

This issue examines five aspects of negotiation action and offers practical how-to guidance dealing with each of them. We look at an ancient and often-used technique for agreeing on value, a plan for improving negotiator performance, guidance on negotiating with intimates, the power approach to negotiations, and a promising new method to improve mediation success. As always, our goal is to make these articles thought-provoking as well as informative. I am confident these articles achieve the goal.

"Haggling With Merchants" examines one of the most common human market interactions - old-fashioned bargaining. Haggling is fundamental to trading interaction in many cultures, relegated to specific trading situations in others and occasionally treated with disdain by some individuals. This article tells you how to use it. It leaves to the reader the more interesting question: when should you use it?

"Negotiator Resiliency" looks at the most fundamental of negotiating matters: how to strengthen and maintain the effectiveness of the negotiators themselves. Anyone who has engaged intensely in negotiation, especially of long duration, knows the wear that stress produces on the participants. Deals made by the last negotiators standing are not likely best deals. This article by a crisis negotiator who has participated in many life and death negotiations, is a how-to on the subject that is sure to prove invaluable aid to every negotiator.

"Intimate Negotiating" presents some critical suggestions about the principles, the goals, and the techniques that need to be understood and followed in negotiating with intimates. Knowing and adapting to the differences between negotiating with your bank and negotiating with your intimates is not a trivial matter. These most delicate of human exchanges literally risk and shape the relationships with the most precious persons in our lives, our significant others and our selves.

"The Power of Negotiations" explores and explains the power negotiation approach to negotiation. Every negotiator needs to understand the various approaches to negotiation that they or their opponent may employ. This article is one of those fundamental ones filled with the principles of a basic approach and advice on its usage.

"Anatomy of a Mediation" turns to the important work of the mediator and examines a new and distinct approach to the practice of negotiation. Rather than the traditional focus of the mediator as a facilitator, this new approach shifts the role of the mediator to the controlling figure in the process who negotiates with each party personally. Written by a mediator, this is an approach you may encounter and one you need to understand.

Expanding Our Horizons…

A call for topic suggestions and articles

The Negotiator Magazine's goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiation. Throughout the more than ten years that the magazine has served its readers, one of its most valuable resources has been our readers who have suggested and often written many of the over 350 articles by the nearly one hundred writers that enrich the publication.

If you would like to suggest a a topic for a future negotiation article you would like the magazine to cover, contribute an article, or comment on an article in the magazine please contact me at Please keep enriching the magazine.

Thank you,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
March 2013

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