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From the Publisher's Desk, February 2013

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

Publication Schedule …

Our next issue will be March 2013. Please let us know immediately if you are not receiving the announcement of each issue by e-mail which is sent before each issue. Additionally, please let us know if you need assistance with your subscription at any time.

Some comments on the February 2013 issue …

This issue begins with a look at some key research on what topics are being negotiated and what those priorities reflect, moves to two articles on the how-tos of the negotiating process, explores the question of ethics in negotiation, and concludes with an insightful how-to about creating and using influence in negotiations. As always, our goal is to make these articles thought-provoking as well as informative.

"2012 Top Terms in Negotiation" presents the research findings from a survey of almost 8,000 active negotiators around the world on fundamental topics in negotiation. What are we negotiating? What is changing in the priorities negotiators are giving to terms being negotiated and are these terms reflecting the realities of both the broader marketplace and corporate management?

"Lincoln's Hat: Negotiating with Presidential Self-Confidence" reinforces much that we hold true about negotiation by looking at some of U.S. 16th President Abraham Lincoln's precepts on the subject. Having spent much of his life as an attorney and later as a politician, Lincoln had extensive negotiating experience, ranging from litigating farmer's disputes through pushing the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that ended slavery through a divided Congress. He was truly an expert on the field and in a few words he enumerates how-tos all negotiators need to know.

"Dealing with Micro-Negotiators" presents both strategies and negotiating techniques for dealing with the type of negotiator who seems to specialize in negotiating every jot and tittle of an agreement, often without end. You know the sort. Here's a short how-to offering several ways of blunting the detail assault and moving forward toward the broader deal.

"Ethical Negotiating: Negotiating Ethically" poses several questions that should concern every negotiator in every negotiation. Is everything fair in the practice of negotiation? What are the limits? If something is legal does it, therefore, mean it is ethical? Is telling a lie outside the bounds of "reasonable deliberation"? These are the sorts of questions every negotiator needs to consider and act upon. Here's a template for beginning the process.

"Real Influence; Persuade without Pushing and Gain without Giving In" takes us back to how-tos in negotiation. This time, however, the focus is on the underlying quality of influence itself and the methods to achieve it. Is there a worn-out and ineffective formula for influencing others that many of us still practice and universities still teach? Is there a far better way? This book review presents the outlines of a new book's case that there is a better way to achieve real influence than many of us now use.

Enlarging the magazine's reach: moving forward…

The Negotiator Magazine is pleased to announce that it has begun the implementation work with EBSCO publishing for the inclusion of articles from the magazine in the EBSCO library and university databases. This agreement will assist further the magazine's mission of expanding knowledge about the field of negotiation and expanding the reach of its authors.

Expanding Our Horizons…

A call for topic suggestions and articles

The Negotiator Magazine's goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiation. Throughout the more than ten years that the magazine has served its readers, one of its most valuable resources has been our readers who have suggested and often written many of the over 350 articles by some eighty writers that enrich the publication.

If you would like to suggest a future negotiation article topic, a new feature, or if you would like to contribute an article to The Negotiator Magazine, please contact me at . I and the readers are delighted by your response to date. Please keep enriching the magazine.

Thank you,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
February 2013

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