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From the Publisher's Desk, June-July (Summer 2012)

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

The problem with facts…

Negotiation seeks to achieve an agreement with another party to accomplish one or more goals. The meeting of the minds required to accomplish those goals only has value if it is predicated on reality. Using opinions instead of facts in the agreement, of course, increases its risk and depresses or even destroys its value.

The problem with using facts, however, is that often they are not facts at all. Frequently, the "facts" are opinions. In what may prove to be a blizzard of claims, effective negotiators must be able to discern and act upon the differences between facts and opinions or suffer the consequences in later performance.

The same potential types of impacts are present in negotiations and elections. As a result, both the role of the negotiator and the role of the citizen elector are complimentary and rest on similar skill sets. The ability to distinguish between facts and opinions and act upon each one appropriately is essential to the success of the process in both fields. The need is critical.

Call for Articles…

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John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
June-July (Summer 2012)

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