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From the Publisher's Desk, May 2012

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

A Commentary on Elections…

The United States is in the midst of an election campaign for its top national political offices. Many nations such as Russia, France, and Greece have just completed elections and still others are awaiting election decisions. The wonder is that power transfers in nation after nation with such surety and grace.

Beyond the enormous value of the election process itself, however, is the critical need to improve upon its operation in every nation. The trained negotiator is equipped to be a significant force in such improvement.

The negotiator's eyes, ears, and mind offer the same benefits in analysis, listening skills, and tactical knowledge to election choices that they do at the negotiating table. Dirty tricks, half-truths, deceptive practices, and the host of other ploys of the charlatan, differ little from one arena to the other. The same values of fair play, reasonable argument, and deliverable commitments need to govern in each venue. Our nations as well as our personal relationships require this real vital check and balance.

Call for Articles…

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John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
May 2012

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