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From the Publisher's Desk, February 2012

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

This month's edition...

The February 2012 issue focuses on several how-to prescriptions for improving negotiation performance:

  • Charles Craver writes about the benefits from using the preliminary stage of negotiation interaction to build personal relationships between the participants and explains how the effort contributes to improved negotiation results.
  • JB Shelton examines the innate abilities that each person brings to negotiation.
  • European negotiator Radu Ionescu makes a case for the use of a Transaction approach rather than a Positional approach to negotiation.
  • Lastly, John Baker explores the trove of how-to techniques, the illustrative anecdotes, and the methods of using them as presented in Roger Dawson’s anniversary edition of his classic negotiation skills book, Secrets of Power Negotiating.

Call for Articles...

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John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
February 2012

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