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From the Publisher's Desk, October, 2011

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

Recent clashes between the Congressional and Executive representatives of the American people and similar encounters of government and popular forces throughout much of the world have highlighted the pressures engulfing many societies today. Sadly, negotiation is often the hostage to the forces of rigid ideological conflict, rhetorical flourish and brinkmanship.

For readers of this magazine, there can be no clearer voice for the importance of the art of negotiation than the sound of lost opportunities and the silence of closed factories and hushed institutions. If this magazine stands for anything, it stands for the vital force of negotiation as the keystone for human interaction. There is much to be learned from this crisis for the negotiator. Certainly, one of the most important lessons from this broad and deep divide is the importance of negotiation itself.

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My best wishes,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher
October 2011

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