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From the Publisher's Desk, June - July, 2011

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

This month marks the conversion of The Negotiator Magazine from free access to paid subscription support. It is a vital change that is essential to continue and expand the publication's mission to provide the finest and most comprehensive resource on negotiation to readers throughout the world. Due to its outstanding writers and its supportive readers, The Negotiator Magazine needs to gain the basic resources necessary to enable it to further improve the knowledge, skills and ethical basis of negotiation.

Beginning this month, readers are asked to purchase a subscription to access new material in the magazine. The Negotiator Magazine has chosen to offer two types of subscriptions. I trust that this selection will fit the needs of most of our readers.

The first option, the Individual Subscription, is familiar to all users. The Multi-User Subscription is a less familiar option, but one that you may wish to consider as a valuable alternative if you seek to enhance negotiation information and training for any small group as readers. This subscription is designed for any group of six or less persons, such as hostage negotiation teams, legal partners, medical personnel, office staffs, business management groups, union leaders and association members. In my view, this subscription offers a top resource at the least possible cost per person that will assist each member of a team to become an effective negotiator.

My thanks to each you for your support throughout these many years and for your patience in this time of transition change. I look forward to your continuing interest in The Negotiator Magazine and your strengthened practice of negotiation.

Please sign up as a subscriber and/or as an advertiser today!

Thank you.

My best wishes,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher

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