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From the Publisher's Desk, May 2011

By John Baker

From the Publisher's Desk...

This month's issue of The Negotiator Magazine marks both a personal milestone for me and a time of revitalization for the magazine. After an absence from the internet of over three years...we are back!

Thanks to the progress in medical treatment that assisted me, the support of the authors who enrich this resource, several of whom that provided the suite of articles before you today, and the steady and expressed interest of readers around the world, The Negotiator Magazine returns to continue as an independent voice promoting excellence in negotiation. We have only begun the fulfillment of its mission.

When the magazine was launched in 2002, a few authors were willing to risk that their works would find a readership in this new forum. Readers appreciated their contributions and the magazine expanded throughout the world by word of mouth.

Now, I am confident, the authors and the readership will support the magazine in its evolution to its next developmental phase. Maintenance of the negotiation article base is a growing and essential necessity. It is, I believe, the finest trove of negotiation works available on the internet.

In my view, after long and considered examination, there is no reasonable solution for the continued growth and improvement of the magazine than to move to paid subscription support. I hope you will decide to join us as a paid subscriber. Your continuing support is essential for the maintenance and expansion of The Negotiator Magazine.

Please sign up as a subscriber and/or as an advertiser today!

Thank you.

My best wishes,

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher

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