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From The Publisher's Desk

John Baker

Welcome to The Negotiator Magazine. We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiations. The online magazine is directed to leaders across the spectrum of business, the professions, unions and associations, non-profit organizations, government, education and suppliers who share an interest in negotiations.

Our subscribers include leaders in every category the magazine is designed to serve and represent six continents and a wide range of nations. Subscribers reside in India, South Africa, Israel, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada and throughout the United States. To enter your free subscription, please complete the Subscription Form.

What’s new in April...

The Negotiator Magazine celebrates its first anniversary...

Thanks to our readers from around the globe, our subscribers in 23 countries, and the 21 authors who contributed over forty articles on negotiations, The Negotiator Magazine experienced a successful inaugural year.

I thought you might be interested to know something about the people who read The Negotiator Magazine. Our subscriber list provides a window into the composition of the readers of the magazine.

A little more than 30 percent of our subscribers are women. Subscribers represent a wide range of positions and professions. They include university professors, schoolteachers, administrators and students; lawyers; physicians, nurses, therapists, psychologists and hospital administrators. Some of our subscribers are union presidents, union staff members and rank and file members. We have many law enforcement officers; a wide range of government personnel ranging from legislators to agency employees; and leaders of associations as well as non-governmental organizations. Subscribers include business owners, partners and management personnel in small, large and international firms. These readers represent every level of the corporate hierarchy from Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers through Vice Presidents, Managers, sales professionals and support staffs. Additionally, our subscribers include a broad range of consultants, trainers, coaches, scholars and writers specializing in the field of negotiations as well as other professional specialties too many to list here.

My thanks to each of you for your interest in The Negotiator Magazine. Your suggestions and comments to improve the value of the magazine are always welcome and greatly appreciated as we move forward to our next year.

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