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John D. Baker

Welcome to The Negotiator Magazine. We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiations. The online magazine is directed to leaders across the spectrum of business, the professions, unions and associations, non-profit organizations, government, education and suppliers who share an interest in negotiations. Our subscribers include leaders in every category the magazine is designed to serve and represent six continents and a wide range of nations. Current subscribers reside in 93 nations:India, Sri Lanka, French Southern Territories, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Lebanon, Israel, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Suriname, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Mexico, Uruguay, Mauritius, Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Iran, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Moldavia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Antigua and Barbuda and throughout the United States. . To enter your free subscription, please complete the Subscription Form.

What’s new in September 2007 …

The Negotiator Magazine advertising rates cut by 50 percent...

The Negotiator Magazine is now in its sixth year of publication on the internet, it has subscribers in 93 countries and it is read each month by 30,000 - 40,000 persons who share an interest in negotiations. I believe it is an outstanding value for anyone seeking to present a message about their products and services to managers interested in negotiations throughout the world.

To encourage sponsors and advertisers, I have reduced the cost of advertisements and sponsorships by 50 per cent. Please examine the new rate schedule posted under Sponsorships and Advertisements in the magazine.

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Call for articles...

As always, all readers are encouraged to contribute articles to the magazine on any aspect of negotiations. We are interested in expanding all areas of the magazine. At this time, hostage negotiation articles would be particularly welcome.

Best wishes,
John Baker

September 2007