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4. Hit the Refresh Button
A surefire way to ensure that your problem does not get resolved is to loose your temper and treat the people who are trying to help you poorly. When you feel yourself beginning to get angry or are about to yell at the person you are speaking with, step back for a moment and take a deep breath. The Refresh Button techniques are used to get control of the situation. They can help keep emotions in check while gaining and keeping control of the Orange Ball. The three basic techniques of the refresh button are:

These three techniques will help you get control of the Orange Ball. They also set a tone for how you will behave and lead the renegotiation to help both sides behave properly. If you are nice and pleasant, then most likely the person you are dealing with will be nice and pleasant. If you get an associate who seems upset, take a step back and say, "It sounds like you have had a bad day, I am so sorry. Anything I can do to make your day go better?" Understand that these associates are there to help you. Many times though they are limited by the policies of the company they represent.

Good customer service is the backbone of any society. It is indicative of how people treat each other. The art of good customer service has been lost, and we desperately need to get it back. It starts though behavior. Customers can set the tone. If you are not satisfied, donít get angry. Take it up the ladder. Thank the person you are dealing with and ask to speak to their supervisor. Even when they tell you that their supervisor with tell you the same thing. Ask a lot of questions. Attack the problem or issue from every angle until the person you are dealing with becomes your partner in trying to figure out a way to help you.

You can only control one aspect of every relationship and that is the way you behave. Good behavior will rub off on those you deal with. Ultimately, customers, control the Orange Ball because they get to choose where they take their business.

About the Author:

Marc Freeman, author "Renegotiating with Integrity: It's Not Business, It's Personal," has worked with companies all over the world, helping them to renegotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. A recognized expert in his field, Marc has developed a unique, practical approach to renegotiating based on the simple principles of respect, honesty, creativity and clear communications. For more information, please contact Marc at or at 641-472-2727.

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August 2007