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The "C" in ethics is the Customer, Company and the Community. How will what I do affect the company, customer and community. Decision-making is like throwing a rock in a pond, no matter how big or small the rock is, when it hits water, water is displaced. So it is with decision-making. Every decision you make affects someone else and we must always take that into consideration before making the decision. All of life, business in particular is about how well one can build relationships. The question is built on what?

Sales and Marketing Management Magazine surveyed 200 sales managers as to how far salespeople will go the make a sale. Among the findings:

Also a recent USA TODAY did an article on how 48% of workers admit to unethical or illegal acts at work due to stress! Can you image what greed would do?? Here are the five types of behavior workers admit to have engaged in the last year.

This is what I refer as the "Moral Spiral." This is when one issue leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, etc., etc., etc. Everything one does has an effect on others. The choice is whether it's a positive or negative effect. The choice is yours! For what I do does affect those around me.

I believe that good will is a great business builder. For example, if a store doesn't have what you want but they tell you where you can go to get it, do you think anything less of the store that didn't have what you wanted??? Of course not! Why? Because they have your best interested at heart over their bottom line. Will you go back and give them your business? You bet! We need to get our priorities straight. Everyone admits that good ethics is good business. What's the problem?

A recent issue of Selling Power magazine quoted Professional Speaker Nido Qubein's four principles to impress customers.

1. People buy from people they trust.

2. People buy from people they respect.

3. People want to make their own decisions.

4. People buy from people who understand them, their needs and their problems.

It's all about trust, respect, integrity, and being other centered. I believe that the attitude in business today needs to be: what can I do for you to get you to cooperate with me?

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