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6. Make Realistic Time Frames, Don’t Rush Changes
Giving people a proper amount of time to create changes within any organization is the best way to show respect.  Allow those who are making the changes to create the time lines and then help them to keep to those commitments. If you rush a change, more times than not, everyone will be disappointed.

7. Create a Culture of Listening From the Top Down and Act on What You Hear
Take all ideas seriously and set up a team with employees from every part of the company to look at all new ideas. Get back to those that offered the idea and let them know how their idea will or will not be implemented.

Innovation is the key to success in any business. It is what pushes each one of us, and forces our companies and even our society to move ahead and be better to be excellent in what services or products we represent. Competition forces innovation.  Renegotiating with integrity will move the process of change and therefore all innovations ahead that much quicker.


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Marc Freeman, author of the upcoming book Renegotiating with Integrity: It’s Not Business, It’s Personal, has worked with companies all over the world, helping them to renegotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. A recognized expert in his field, Marc has developed a unique, practical approach to renegotiating based on the simple principles of respect, honesty, creativity and clear communications. For more information, please contact Marc at or at 641-472-2727.

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May 2007