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            So here is my hope:  I hope that our children and grandchildren will never have to “duck and cover”.  I hope that unlike my father, and my children’s grandfather, our children and grandchildren can “speak up” without fear of getting on somebody’s “list” and suffering reprisals in their workplace.  I  hope that they will be respected and treated with dignity and honor, no matter what language or ethnicity or gender they were born.  I hope that they will be listened to, and heard, even if they speak a different language, and even if they are unable to hear our words.  I hope that someone will not just “keep their peace”, but hear their truth and make their peace.

Congratulations, you are engaged in a movement of peacemaking.  By being here in San Diego, you are taking a huge step towards giving that hope to our children and grandchildren.  It started yesterday at this conference and it’s spreading from San Diego to Ithaca, New York where I’m headed next week.   Congratulations and welcome “on board”!


Jan Frankel Schau, is a civilian “peacemaker” and Attorney Mediator in Encino, California.  This was her first address to the United States Navy, given September 20, 2006.  She can be reached for comment at:

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February 2007