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Principle 6: The Pace Of Negotiations Is Determined By Your Perceptions Of Power.

Power - whether to give or not give, help or hinder, reward or punish, - lurks in the background of every negotiation.

Power can be anything that has some kind of motivating influence over the other side, whether this is the possession of a desired product, an amount of money to give or withhold, the use of strong arguments or the power of someone's personality.

Principle 7: Negotiations Are Unpredictable.

In wars, battles and sports contests, you can never be certain how things will work out. The unpredictable rears its head again and again.  The same is true of negotiations.

You can guess and predict but you simply do not know.

When you don’t understand the nature of negotiations, the process can be confusing and frustrating. It’s like trying to play a game without knowing the rules. But when you do learn how negotiations work, you take one mighty step forward to opening up new possibilities in all your relationships with others.

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October 2006