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V is for Variables

Playing around with the variables in a negotiation is often the only way that you can reach a deal. The more variables you have in terms of price, terms, and deliverables, the more room you have for maneuver. So, when you get stuck on the main issues, change the package. If you’re deadlocked on the price of the house, throw in the furniture and fittings, agree to a garden makeover, or pay for their removal costs.

W is for Writing the Agreement

When you have edged your way to a solution in negotiations, you should write down exactly how you understand it. You should do this even if the other side also writes down their understanding of the agreement.
Always beware of "one-truck deals". There is a big difference between:
"One truck for sale: £10,000"
"One 1998 model Bedford for sale: 120,000 miles certified on the clock, serviced at 111,500 miles. Delivered to your home. Price excludes tax, insurance, but includes MOT, dated November last..."

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July 2006