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18)  Record key issues in writing to reference later
People sometimes forget what they say – especially during negotiations when issues and points of concession may undergo significant transformation before finding their finished form. Take a note pad and keep diligent notes on all key items discussed. You may want to slip a script, which you’ve prepared in advance and which highlights your key concerns, under a cover sheet and staple it in – lest it find its way loose and flutter under the table as you leave the room. If able, time your notations so you avoid inadvertently giving away key strategy during conversation. A pre-prepared script or outline allows you to make brief notations on-the-fly. If a key issue is brought up by the opposition and you suddenly hunker down and draft a lengthy passage, you’re going to raise suspicion without benefit of knowing what your opponent may be assuming.

Communicate Success

            The artful use of words together with an awareness of how your message will be perceived by your opponent can dramatically enhance the effective communication of your position, your argument, and therefore, your success. Put every resource into your efforts to communicate – it is after all, the most intimately shared objective, transcending intention through its reception, and broadening, with its potential to connect, avenues of approachability.

Lisa Bracken is a business communications specialist and owner of Accelerated Innovative Marketing Solutions. She is a real estate broker and paralegal (non-attorney) with specialized negotiation experience in toxic environmental issues and the corporate oil and gas industry. The information contained in this article by Lisa Bracken should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. Please seek the advice of qualified counsel to address your specific situation and concerns.

Lisa Bracken is available as lecturer, neutral or spokesperson and may be reached through her web site at


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June 2006