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Error Number Twelve:Negotiating without understanding your prime objective.
Error Number Thirteen:Failure to understand the interests of the other side.
Error Number Fourteen:Not appreciating the validity of an argument.
Error Number Fifteen:Having no sense of alternatives to negotiations.
Error Number Sixteen:Failure to understand the nature of the relationships between the parties.
Error Number Seventeen:Utilizing ineffective communication skills.
Error Number Eighteen:Proceeding without knowing the willingness and ability of the parties to make and abide by their commitments.
Error Number Nineteen:Entering negotiations without considering options.
Error Number Twenty:Approaching negotiations without first analyzing the perspectives of all parties to the bargaining.
Error Number Twenty-one:Taking the attitude of “winner-take-all” and “loser-takes-nothing.”
Error Number Twenty-two:Adding information to the negotiations, or doing something during negotiations, “for what it’s worth.”
Error Number Twenty-three:Failure to practice negotiation skills.
Error Number Twenty-four:Treating the negotiations as an individual endeavor rather than a team process.
Error Number Twenty-five:Failure to remember and to avoid the other twenty-four errors.

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May 2006