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Prepare For The Moments That Define The Negotiation

By Marty Latz

5) The close: The final moments of many negotiations tend to share certain characteristics. Psychologically, individuals often feel they want to seal the deal if they have spent substantial time negotiating and a relatively small difference exists between positions.

Egos often play a disproportionate role here as the parties focus on whether they believe they have won or lost. And emotion -- elation or disappointment -- also may come into play. Sometimes the parties also are physically or emotionally drained.

These dynamics can create a volatile environment in which otherwise inconsequential moves or statements may have a disproportionate impact.

First impressions - and other defining moments in the negotiation process - can make a huge difference. Make them count positively for you.

Marty Latz, a negotiation columnist for The Business Journal of Phoenix where this column originally appeared, is President of Latz Negotiation Institute, a national negotiation training and consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has developed and taught negotiation training programs and seminars for corporations, cities, bar associations and law firms nationwide. Participants at his courses leave behind the intuitive and instinctive -- along with their inherent uncertainties -- and develop the strategic mindset thatís at the heart of successful negotiation.

A Harvard Law honors graduate, Marty is also an Adjunct Professor-Negotiation at Arizona State University College of Law. He also negotiated for the White House nationally and internationally on the White House Advance Teams. Marty is the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want (St. Martinís Press, 2004). For more and for previous columns, see or email Marty at

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March 2006