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John D. Baker

Welcome to The Negotiator Magazine. We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiations. The online magazine is directed to leaders across the spectrum of business, the professions, unions and associations, non-profit organizations, government, education and suppliers who share an interest in negotiations. Our subscribers include leaders in every category the magazine is designed to serve and represent six continents and a wide range of nations. Subscribers reside in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Israel, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Suriname, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, Mauritius, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Iran, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Moldavia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States. To enter your free subscription, please complete the Subscription Form.

What's new in December

A word to potential sponsors and advertisers

The Negotiator Magazine welcomes new sponsors and advertisers. Our subscribers continue to add to the information about the magazine's monthly readership of over 6,000 leaders. This highly focused group of leaders with an interest in negotiation cuts across all occupational segments and includes many distinguishable groups. For examples, The Negotiator Magazine can bring your message to:

More information on sponsorship and advertising opportunities in The Negotiator Magazine is available by clicking on the Sponsorship and Advertising tab on the Navigation Bar. If you are interested in supporting the magazine and expanding the reach of your message, please contact John Baker at

2006 Negotiation Conference Interest Requested

Several readers have suggested that the The Negotiator Magazine sponsor a Negotiation Conference in 2006. Certainly, if there is sufficient interest, I would be happy to arrange multi-day Negotiation Conferences in a variety of central locations throughout the world. The magazine has the contacts to provide an extraordinarily talented number of speakers and discussion leaders on a wide variety of negotiation topics and professional networking opportunities. Please contact John Baker at your earliest convenience by e-mail at and let me know if the idea of a 2006 Negotiation Conference would be of interest to you. Please also include your geographical location in your message.

Best wishes to all who are celebrating holidays at this time of the year

Call for articles

All readers are encouraged to contribute articles to the magazine on any aspect of negotiations. We are interested in expanding all areas of the magazine.

December 2005