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We prepare for failure before we even sit down at the table. We can be slaves to expectations.

"This always ends up at the market price."
"We've got a lousy case."
"I know what he's going to say, so there's no point in asking."
"This is going to cost us dear."
"He's got the power."
"He could go to any of our competitors."
"We've got nothing special to offer."
"The Germans/Japanese/Arabs are always better negotiators than us."

Timid demands.
Ready concessions.
Going through the motions.


Our avoidance of stress leads us to settle in the comfortable middle range or accept their first offer...

Attitudes: "If I make too high demands, it'll ruin the relationship."
"I'll look greedy if I ask for too much."
"I feel sick when I push for that bit more."
"Yes, I'll split the difference."
"That's fair for both of us"

Unchallenging demands.
Easy concessions
Last minute concessions.
Getting things over and done with quickly.

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May/June 2005