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The Fourteen Issues You Need to Consider in Every Negotiation

David Ferguson, President of Win Squared Software and e-Learning
and Bryan Ferguson, Vice President of Arcadian Software

A brief introduction by John D. Baker, Editor

The central mission of The Negotiator Magazine is to bring to its readers the best in negotiation education. Ordinarily, we do that through articles by experts in the field. This month and for the next two months, readers of this magazine have an opportunity to use and evaluate another negotiation educational medium: e-Learning negotiation training software. We are delighted to join in this presentation.

One of the advantages of an electronic magazine over printed ones is that it has the ability to bring its readers a first-hand experience with the products of other electronic media. This is such an instance. Obviously, if a picture in the printed media is "worth a thousand words," a "mouse-on" click to access an electronic creation is invaluable.

E-Learning (electronic learning) or computer-based educational programming is growing rapidly in the United States and around the world. In U.S. business alone, annual usage of e-learning training programs had doubled within the past five years and educational use is growing rapidly.

U.S. News magazine conducted a study of e-Learning use by U.S. colleges and universities in October 2004 and found that 332 graduate programs accredited by regional and/or professional boards were offered online across the nation in the past year. These programs were offered in six disciplines: business, education, engineering, library science, nursing, and public health.

Additionally, students in 2,750 colleges and universities in the U.S. were using some form of e-Learning during the 2003-2004 academic year. Another four million employees of U.S. firms used e-Learning programs for training in 2004, based upon research conducted by the International Data Corporation (U.S.)

Thanks to David Ferguson, our first sponsor, readers have the opportunity to see e-Learning capabilities for themselves and utilize leading-edge negotiation training software by merely clicking on the link on this page. Often this e-Learning software is combined with expert trainers as either an introductory tutorial or a supplementary review of negotiation terms and concepts. It can also be used as a self-learning program. The Negotiator Magazine is proud to bring this example of negotiation e-Learning to its readers' attention.

Editor's Notation:
The Negotiator Magazine regrets that the link to the demonstration material provided with this article is no longer viable and has removed the link for the convenience of its readers.

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April 2005