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Readers should recognize that although this book was primarily crafted as a law school text and is dauntingly lengthy, it is a rich trove for all negotiators. They may also be surprised that according to research cited by the author, most attorneys settle over 90% of their cases through negotiation and yet have no formal training in negotiation. Additionally, we learn that successful litigators may have no more of negotiation skills than any other effective negotiator.

This is, therefore, a book for every negotiator, enriched by the author's experience as a negotiator and a teacher, requiring no legal training for its precepts. It is based on the best of psychological and social science research and, of course, seasoned by legal reason.

There is an Appendix with several negotiation training exercises that readers may find most interesting and consider employing for training purposes. Additionally, there is an extensive and carefully updated Bibliography.

Best book in the field of negotiation.

John Baker, Ph.D.

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'Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement, 5th Edition' Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement, 5th Edition []

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March 2005