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Reader's Review

John Baker

Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement, Fifth Edition
By Charles B. Craver
725pp. Lexis Nexis, 2005
Softcover Edition: (US) $ 43.00

Charles B. Craver is the Freda H. Alverson Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School and readers will recognize him a frequent contributor to this magazine. Professor Craver has taught courses in Legal Negotiating at several Law Schools over many years. Additionally, lawyers will know him for his continuing legal education courses on the negotiation process and alternative dispute resolution and well as for his many books and articles on labor relations, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. He is, therefore, a true expert in negotiation.

Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement was first published in 1986 and with revised editions every four years or so it has been tested in over sixty law schools and by thousands of lawyers as a negotiation resource. In that time, it has been polished and updated repeatedly and this latest edition is no exception. It is as close to a "must" for every negotiator's reference shelf as you will find.

Craver has an easy to read style, bereft of mysterious Latin terminology and legal mumbo-jumbo. It is a practitioner's book exploring the phases of the negotiation process and providing the "nuts and bolts" for moving successfully through any negotiation. It is also a comprehensive guide to the special areas of the field and focuses on them and integrates them into the negotiation spectrum. You will find clear and valuable discussions of negotiating with government agencies, international negotiations, assisted negotiation through mediation as well sections on ethics and a variety of negotiation issues.

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March 2005