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This article is designed to challenge your thinking about the four key principles and to look at the many ways that you can be more effective as you negotiate in a fast paced global setting.

Stephen Kozicki is a best selling author, business educator and Australia's leading specialist in breakthrough business strategies. He has the unique ability to convert key issues from a range of business development topics into useful tools to improve business performance.

Stephen is the managing director at Gordian Business, where he personally focuses on increasing productivity and profitability for all his clients.

He is amongst a small band of speakers who have been invited to deliver a session for the American Society of Training and Development in the USA. Stephen delivered his Negotiating with SryJe® program. As Australia's leading negotiation specialist, Stephen presents negotiation programs at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Stephen is the author of the best-selling book, The CreatilJe Negotiator, which is now in its third reprint and is being exported to Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. The book has also been translated into Swedish, Danish, Italian, French and Spanish. Stephen's second book, The Persuasive Presenter, has just been released.

He can be contacted at 61 2 8920 1222
web site:

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March 2005