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Letters to the Editor...

Another Request for Reader Advice on Negotiation Training

I am interested in negotiation training geared toward Financial contracts. Do you know of a good course you could recommend?

Thank you.

John Sullivan, San Jose, California (US)

I publish this letter once again in hopes that some reader may be able to suggest courses for this reader. Alas, we are still looking for reader recommendations on negotiation courses focused upon financial contracts. Please send your recommendations to John Baker at

Bravo from a Subscriber

Kudos to the Negotiator! I just finished my first real negotiation and it was a win-win for both sides. I knew nothing months ago. Absolutely nothing and you made me a success. Thanks. You are great!

Publish my name please. You and I did it.

Leslie Stover, Miami, Florida (US)

Kudos to you, Leslie! I am delighted for your success. Helping readers achieve negotiation success is what the magazine was designed to accomplish and we take a bow with you. You did it, but thanks for noting our assistance. Compliments go to the many writers of the articles in this magazine that provided the coaching. I hope each of the writers will take a well-deserved bow.

Thank you and

Thank you for the BIG improvement in the index. It is a wonderful help. The music is something else.

T. York, Detroit, Michigan (US)

I am delighted to learn that you found the changes in the Subject Index helpful. Thank you for your comments. We are looking into eliminating or at least curtailing the music concert. It proves to be a far more significant task than I ever imagined, but is on our 2005 list.

To send a letter to the editor, please write by e-mail to: Your suggestions are always welcome.

January 2005