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Letters to the Editor...

Request for Reader Advice on Negotiation Training

I am interested in negotiation training geared toward financial contracts. Do you know of a good course you could recommend?

Thank you.

John Sullivan, San Jose, California (US)

Reader recommendations are needed and would be most welcome. Please send them to John Baker at

Bravo from a New Subscriber

I value your presentation of information and will let you know how much it has helped after my upcoming negotiations - I felt like a quarterback sitting in a room full of coaches before the big game! Thanks again....

L.B., United States

Compliments go to the many writers of the articles in this magazine that provided the coaching. Please take a bow.

Crisis Negotiation Articles

Thank you for the welcome. What kind of training articles do you guys have to offer as far as Crisis Negotiations.

B. Dorr, Phoenix, Arizona (US)

The Negotiator Magazine has a large number of readers who are law enforcement personnel in the United States and throughout the world. We review books as they are published on crisis negotiation, for example, James L. Greenstone's new book on hostage and crisis negotiations will be reviewed as soon as it is available in bookstores in December or January. Additionally, I am working to expand the number of articles about crisis negotiation.

The Editor Speaks

My organization is planning its winter meeting and we are looking for a speaker on negotiations. Are you interested in doing any speaking?

R. Schultz, Chicago, Illinois (US)

Absolutely! Negotiation is my passion and engaging with others on the topic would be a welcome opportunity.

November 2004