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Letters to the Editor...

Survey Questions … Readers Respond …

Happy to take part in the survey!

Calum Coburn, London, United Kingdom

I would like to submit some questions:

Iwar Unt, Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you for the opportunity to get reader input to some questions.

Sam Weller, Los Angeles, California (US)

Several readers suggested negotiation questions for the first reader survey. These letters show some of the responses. We could not use all of the questions readers proposed due to their similarities or space limitations in this survey. However, if the survey is successful and valuable to readers we will use more reader questions in future surveys. Thank you for your interest.

Improved Article Search Capability Requested …

I like your new subject index. It is a real improvement, but it needs more work. I tried to find some articles on negotiators styles in the negotiation skills section. They are scattered and I don't know if I found them all or not. Can you set the articles up in that section like you did in training so the articles are grouped together? That is my suggestion.


T. Zasa, Strongsville, Ohio (USA)

Thank you for your letter. Negotiation Skills is the largest subject area in the magazine and you are correct. The Negotiation Skills section needs topical subheads to make user access easier to the articles. We will go to work on it.

October 2004