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So, those are the six areas where you can deliver value. At the end of the day, Titan salespeople build relationships by building up the value that customers and prospects demand in these particular areas. True differentiation from the competition occurs when you respond to a given customer’s perception of value by being the best fit for what they need and how they want it.

Please note: By providing custom-fit products and services, you are not necessarily changing your products and services. In most cases, the only thing you have to change is the emphasis you put on the mix you are offering. Some customers demand electronic ordering, while others are more interested in receiving free product updates. Find out what is important to your customer, and then customize the mix in your presentation that makes sense for that customer. Don’t offer the same mix to every prospect or customer!


Before you go on to something else, please take pen and paper in hand and write down at least three examples of value you and/or your organization offer in each of the six categories you’ve read about in this article. Ready? Go!

Ron Karr is a professional speaker, consultant, trainer and author who specializes in helping organizations to dominate their marketplace and assisting individuals to get closer to the people they serve. This article is taken in part from Karr’s Titan Principle™- The Number One Secret to Sales Success.

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September 2004