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John D. Baker

Welcome to The Negotiator Magazine. We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiations. The online magazine is directed to leaders across the spectrum of business, the professions, unions and associations, non-profit organizations, government, education and suppliers who share an interest in negotiations. Our subscribers include leaders in every category the magazine is designed to serve and represent six continents and a wide range of nations. Subscribers reside in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Israel, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada and throughout the United States. To enter your free subscription, please complete the Subscription Form.

What's new in September …

Redesigned Navigation Bar for faster access to topics debuts …

I am delighted to introduce an improved access to topics within the Subject Index. You may continue to scroll through the entire Subject Index if you prefer and locate additional topic areas.

The expanded Navigation access bars that appear on the Front Page and also at the beginning of the Subject Index are intended to make the access of information easier for readers. I hope that readers find this a positive step. We will be seeking to make continuing improvements in access in coming months. It remains a priority as we grow to170 articles in the archive this month with more to follow. Your comments and suggestions would be most welcome as we move forward on this project.

First Reader Survey Planned for October …

Please look for the first survey of all our readers in October. We have surveyed a sample of our subscribers earlier this year, but this will be the first time all of our readers will receive what we intend to be a simple form to complete and return in order to give their opinions on negotiation topics and the direction of the magazine. Readers are invited to submit questions for possible inclusion in the survey. If you have a question you would like to propose for the survey, please send it to John Baker at by September 15. We will do our best to make sure the survey is meaningful to you the reader and will publish the results in a future edition. All answers will be treated in complete confidence and all results will be presented without any individual reader identification.

Request for Reader Assistance …

The Negotiator Magazine is proud that it is receiving recognition as a negotiations resource from many sources. We now are contacted by television, radio, magazines, businesses and associations for information on the field of negotiations. One of the original goals of the magazine has been to make it the finest and most comprehensive resource in negotiations. I believe it is now close to achieving that goal. It needs, however, to accomplish a next step to truly reach that goal.

The magazine needs to become a preferred venue for the advertisement of negotiation services and supporting products. This is true in order to make it truly comprehensive and valuable to its readers by displaying the broad array of negotiations services in the market and to provide the magazine with the revenue stream that it requires to expand over future years. Therefore, this is a request for the assistance of our readers.

Your assistance and counsel would be helpful in this matter. Can you assist the magazine by providing us with information that might aid us in establishing a fair and equitable rate for the limited amount advertising space in the magazine?

Secondly, some readers have suggested an interest in supporting the magazine as sponsors. Please share your thoughts on any interest your firm might have in becoming a sponsor and assist us in pricing such an option. What should it be worth in your opinion to appear as a sponsor?

Your suggestions would be most welcome. Please send them to John Baker at

Thank you for your assistance.

Call for articles …

All readers are encouraged to contribute articles to the magazine on any aspect of negotiations.

September 2004