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By the way, these principles have application in our personal lives, too. Many, many times I've sat with a sobbing partner who declares undying love and willingness to do "anything" for the loved one who has just walked away because of years of being ignored and taken for granted. There's wisdom in the old song, "You Don't Miss Your Water 'Till Your Well Runs Dry."

Persuasive Actions

When you are attempting to help others see the value of an open window of opportunity, point out facts about what will happen when this opportunity passes. Talk about the costs of not acting.

For certain personalities, opportunities to be on the cutting edge (by definition, where not many reside), to do "first ever" things, or to be among the few who (fill in the blank) are highly stimulating. Demonstrate these points to them, and they will be very likely to say yes.

Recognize that sometimes in persuasion "less is more."


Some of you may be wondering, "Aren't these tactics manipulative?" Maybe, if that's the way you choose to use them. That's a matter of personal integrity and ethics.

My assumption is that you have a good heart and good intentions, and that you want to understand how people think and what causes them to act. Having solid knowledge and skills is key in any endeavor you undertake.

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