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Letters to the Editor...

The Negotiator Magazine welcomes letters from its readers and is pleased to publish some of them. Please send your letters or your comments on topics raised on this page to Thank you.

Call for Humor

How about including a joke or a cartoon on negotiating once and a while to add some humor to the magazine?

Bill Long, Ann Arbor, Michigan (US)

Readers, if you have a favorite line, a joke or a cartoon involving negotiations that you would like to submit we would be delighted to consider it for publication. Please include the source so we can obtain proper permission for its use.


I am writing to tell you that I appreciate your monthly book reviews. I feel that I am keeping-up in this area each time I read one. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated.

W.R., Lake Forest, Illinois (US)

Thank you. I am delighted to know that the reviews are valuable.