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2. How do you become successful? Making sales or making loyal customers?

When you "make" a customer, you have begun the process of establishing a trust dimension. This trust becomes the basis for not only your business, friendships as well.

Trust is the basic building block of any relationship. We don't buy from people/companies we don't trust! Why should your customers buy from you is they don't trust you? Experience has proven that more time you spend in building solid trust-based relationships with your customers, the more loyal they become and consequently the better your bottom line.

The emphasis in sales must go into relationship building, not just into the sale of products or service.

What is the basis of developing a trust dimension?? Honesty!

3. Are ethics and service intertwined?

What is good for the customer must always supercede what's good for me. Going the "extra mile" for one's customers establishes a valued based added dimension that will build trust, alleviate worry, and become the basis for all future business.

Criticizing the competition always cheapens us in the eyes of the customer. Prove how valuable each customer is by being honest, customer focused and truly committed to exceeding your customer's needs. Time should be spent, not in "brow beating" the competition, but rather in informing the customer of the benefits of doing business with you. This should be the goal for developing business.

Remember, today's customer requests are tomorrow's customer demands!

If you help your customers with what they need, they will come back to you for what they want! How are needs fulfilled? By doing what we can to meet the customer's timeline, requirements, and expectations in an enthusiastic, and ethical manner. This builds trust and when trust exists, relationships flourish!

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