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Letters to the Editor...

The Negotiator Magazine welcomes letters from its readers and is pleased to publish some of them. Please send your letters or your comments on topics raised on this page to Thank you.

Improved Printing Capability Requested

I am a big fan of the site. However, there is one irritating problem. I like to print many of the articles. The articles are usually more than one page. Most web sites allow for a printable format, so the article can be printed in the entirety.

On your site, I have to hit the print button for each page I need printed. This is very inconvenient. Please consider having some way to print the articles in one printing.

J. Bunin, United States

I am certain that this would be a welcome capability for many readers since many of them print copies of the articles. I have asked the technical experts to recommend a way to fulfill your request Thank you for your suggestion..