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John D. Baker

Welcome to The Negotiator Magazine. We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive resource in the field of negotiations. The online magazine is directed to leaders across the spectrum of business, the professions, unions and associations, non-profit organizations, government, education and suppliers who share an interest in negotiations.

Our subscribers include leaders in every category the magazine is designed to serve and represent six continents and a wide range of nations. Subscribers reside in India, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Italy, Germany, Poland, Canada and throughout the United States. To enter your free subscription, please complete the Subscription Form.

In this month's edition of The Negotiator Magazine, Mary Ellen Shea examines the unique qualities that distinguish the collective bargaining process from other types of negotiations in her article entitled "Labor Negotiations." Ed Brodow then narrows the focus on labor negotiations to the individual and their boss in his article entitled "How To Get The Salary You Want: Twelve Negotiation Tactics That Work."

The Negotiator Magazine welcomes ideas for article topics and suggestions of authors you would like to see in future editions. We are seeking articles on every aspect of negotiations. At this time, we are particularly looking for articles on labor negotiations, negotiating ethics, cross-cultural factors in negotiations, mediation and new directions and research in the field.

Contributions from our readers are particularly valued. I encourage you to submit an article in an area of your special interest in negotiations. I will be delighted to work with you whether you are a new writer or a professional author.

If you are seeking a contact in another nation or in a professional field, The Negotiator Magazine would be pleased to include your request in the magazine. We will not, of course, provide any information about our individual subscribers.

Please contact me with your suggestions, comments and article proposals at

John D. Baker
Editor and Publisher