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The Negotiator Magazine Advertising

Since 2002 The Negotiator Magazine has been delivering important and comprehensive negotiation information to leaders, decision-makers and persons of major influence across the globe. Excellence in negotiation knowledge and skills is vital to success in business, education, union, government, association and the professions.

Advertising today requires a multi-channel presence, and The Negotiator Magazine is ideal for introducing your organization, your services or your new book to decision-makers and authorities across the spectrum of organizational enterprises and around the world.

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Advertising Types

Text ad

A text ad provides a simple and cost-effective way to get your marketing message across in a few words. A text ad includes a short headline with a link to your Website and limited number of descriptive words.

Classic Advertising

Classic advertising gives your message a global reach through the readership of the magazine. The Negotiator Magazine is currently offering half banner size ads at an introductory price.

Introductory Advertising rates for a half banner ad:

  • One issue: $60 US Dollars
  • Three issues: $150 US Dollars
  • Six issues: $270 US Dollars
  • One year (10 issues): $400 US Dollars

The Negotiator Magazine will be pleased to work with you to transform your copy and photo ideas into your ad layout at no charge. Of course, we will use your electronic copy of your advertisement as long as it is sent at least 10 days prior to its first scheduled appearance in the magazine. Please contact John Baker with your advertising correspondence or questions.

Advertising Policy

View our complete Advertising Policy.

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